ali-em blog wall :)

Jan 11

so borrred in form …. 

goes to show how interesting amber is …. 

Jul 14

Safety on the web !

                    Do ….

                             tell some one if you are being cyberbullied

                             set your privacy to reasonable setting

                             check with others before you upload any content of them

                     Don’t …

                             say unreasonable or nasty things to other people

                             talk to strangers

                             look at innapropreate sites !

Jul 13


yippie !!! :L stuck in video games on my own :( this sucks :P xx

Jul 05


somethin isn’t quite right :L

Jun 22

Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" Stars Rebecca Black, Glee Cast & More [VIDEO] →

Katy Perrys Last Friday Night Stars Rebecca Black, Glee Cast & More [VIDEO]
Katy Perry’s ’90s-infused, B-list star-studded video for “Last Friday Night (TGIF)” has premiered on Funny Or Die, and we’re having enough nostalgia-induced panic attacks over here that we’re going to go ahead and pick the latter option. Last week, we heard tell that the vid would fe…

Jun 17

he he

sammys new nickname is chewy ha ha ha :D

Jun 15


how do you comment on other peoples status’s ???? :S xx

Jun 15

can’t talk :L

i want lady gaga’s new album :D xx

Jun 15


i feel like crap !!!!!!!!!!

Jun 10

how does this work :L

  • how does this work : L helpp !!!!